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Date of publication: march 2014
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Welcome to the FES Office in Tirana

In Albania, FES started its activities in 1991 with a conference on democracy and market economy. Democratic political institutions and the socio-economic development were and are the main topics of our activities. In cooperation with Albanian partner organizations, FES aims for the strengthening of a democratic political culture, a socially just and sustainable economic development where the interests and rights of the workers are protected and recognized, the establishment of functioning state structures and an active society. More ...

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Latest News 2014

Youth Summer Camp – Tirana, Albania. “Social democratic perspectives – Young people in South East Europe”

After a successful first summer camp last year, Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, the office of Tirana organized the revival youth summer camp with the most active young representatives of the last year! The summer camp gathered together approximately 30 young members (5 per each country) in Tirana, Albania from 24th to 27th of July 2014. The main topic of this camp was “Elites, Democracy and Development in Western Balkans”.

The aim of this camp was to provide a framework for social democratic orientated youngsters of the previous camp to catch up with each other, to provide an interactive forum of discussion on issues of Elite circulation and reproduction, on the importance and dilemmas of youth engagement in politics, on EU integration processes of their countries and contribution of youngsters to these processes, continue to discuss regional cooperation between young people, exchange views on social problems, establishing better networks, improve mutual understanding and cultural diversity etc. More ...

Media on media

The Albanian Media Institute with the support of Friedrich Ebert Stiftung in the period April – July 2014 successfully invited journalists and media experts to participate in the professional debate "Media on media" with articles on the main trends of media development. This debate aimed to identify and analyze the main development in the current Albanian media scene. The debate was open to the media community: journalists, editors, experts, and researchers that are familiar to the media problems. This space is serving as an opportunity to inform, discuss and also reflect on the most worrying problems on media development. More ...

BEOGRANA "Challenges of Education in Albania and Serbia seen from the perspective of youth"

 From 5 – 6 of July 2014 Friedrich Ebert Stiftung together with the Youth Forum of Albanian Eurosocialists (FRESSH) in cooperation with the Serbian Democratic Youth (The youth forum of the biggest social democratic party in Serbia) and Youth Institute Alpbach in Kosovo organized in Tirana the first Beograna Conference.

This activity had the main goal in identifying, analysing and developing critical thinking regarding common youth concerns of participating countries. The event was conceived in two parts: a joint conference with three panels, extended over the course of two days in the premises of the Academy of Arts, with the main theme "Challenges of Education in Albania and Serbia, seen from the perspective of youth" and a photographic exhibition with representatives of Kosovo Alpbach entitled "Where is Europe in Kosovo and Serbia?". More ...

“Together in Europe: Visions of the Young Generation – Labor Migration” 5th workshop

After having held four different workshops in Ohrid, Tirana, Thessaloniki and Skopje in the framework of the project "Together in Europe: Visions of the Young Generation – Labour Migration", among young leaders of three countries - Albania Greece and Macedonia – the dialogue and shared experiences continued in Tirana from June 13-15, 2013.

 The focus of the workshop in Tirana was Media and Youth. The main discussions were focused on Youth in the Media and how they can put youth unemployment, migration and other issues on the agenda of the government. A a satiric documentary was presented by the Albanian team on how media portraits youngsters. More ...

Media in Albania: Reform Challenges

Friedrich Ebert Stiftung and Albanian Institute of Media organized on 20 May 2014 a national Roundtable in Tirana, where most of the important actors with a strong voice on media issues participated. This activity was a follow up of the findings of Balkan Media Barometer – Albania 2013 which identified the main problems and challenges on media development in Albania.

In this lively meeting where discussed the main challenges and steps that must be made in reforming the media system in Albania. Mr. Ilir Aliaj, from Centre for Development and Democratization of Institutions focused his speech on Freedom of expression and audiovisual media: from legislation into practice. Mrs. Mirela Oktrova, Director of TVSH (Albanian TV) emphasized the challenges of reforming the public broadcasting and the problems in implementing the new law. More ...

Cycle of reflections: “Unbearable lightness of word!”

On May 15th, 2015 Friedrich Ebert Stiftung (FES) in close collaboration with the Unit of Communication and Research (UCR), attached to the Prime Minister Office, organized the first series of the cycle of reflections “The unbearable lightness of word!” focused on the theme: “Do you speak European?” Challenges of public discourse in Albania! The event took place in the premises of Faculty of Social Sciences in Tirana.

The conference was welcomed by the His Excellency, ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany, Mr. Hellmut Hoffmann and the ambassador of Republic of France, Mrs. Christine Moro as representatives of two important European countries as creators, establishers and supporters of the European Union. More ...

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Link to A1 report program “Urbanika”:

National Youth Congress-II was a big sucess

On the 28th of March 2014 was organized the second National Youth Congress (NYC). All the youth organizations in Albania were invited. The majority of them, more than 40 organizations where represented by two delegetases in the Congress. Despite of them, more then 20 other invited partners participated from within and out of the country. More than 100 participants have discussed on the Albanian youth policies and its priorities in regard to establishing new strategies. For that purpose, the Minister of Social Welfare and Youth, Mr. Erion Veliaj was invited to discuss with the elected representatives of NYC and he was impressed by the representativeness of the young people present in the congress. For that reason, after the discusions in the congress, he sugessted to invite the NYC representatives in periodical meeting as a key partner for the government regarding youth issues. The first meeting with the new elected Core Group, composed by 19 members, will take place in April. The list of the 19 members of the Core goup as PDF. More ...

A Facebook page with photos of the activity, articles and opportunities from National Youth Congress can be seen in the following link:

Presentation of the Brochure; "Vocational Education, Economic Development, Welfare for Albania" promoted by FES and DIHA

On 04 March 2014, Friedrich Ebert Foundation (FES) and The German Association of Industry and Trade in Albania (DIHA) organized a workshop in the Vocational School of Kamza, in order to present the main findings of the National Conference on "Vocational Education, Economic Development, Welfare for Albania" organized in October 2013. Through this workshop FES and DIHA enabled the continuation of discussions initiated a year ago. The Vice - Minister of Education and Sports, Mr. Arbjan Mazniku, and the Director of the National Agency for Vocational Education and Training, Ms. Sonila Limaj, welcomed the event through their pronunciations. In their speeches, Mr. Mazniku and Mrs. Limaj informed the participants on vocational education state policies and the concentration of the VET under the Ministry of Social Welfare and Youth. More ...

Youth perspectives – Another mentality

 Friedrich Ebert Foundation in cooperation with the Ministry of Social Welfare and Youth and Ministry of Culture and UNDP organized from 29th to 30th of on November 2013 a Conference on “Youth Perspectives– Another mentality”. The conference held in Tirana at the National Historical Museum gathered youth organizations, artists, architects, designers and activists with the focus of discussing culture and creativity as a means of maximizing the strength of young people’s message to society and as a consequence foster their empowerment as active citizens.

Access to culture and promotion of creativity among youth is one of EU’s priorities in the strategy for youth. However in the last decade these two topics have been far more neglected and no concrete action has been taken so far regarding youth. More ...

“Youth Employment – Achievements, Challenges and the Way Ahead”

“Friedrich Ebert” Foundation in cooperation with the Association “Women Toward Integration” organized on November 12th 2013, in Puka the Conference “Youth Employment – Achievements, Challenges and the Way Ahead”.

The aim of this conference was to bring together the local stakeholders in the town of Puka with the focus of youth employment. Puka is a peripheral town in Albania, with a very weak economy and high figures of unemployment. More ...

“Economic Development ◄ Vocational Training ► Welfare in Albania”

On 22nd of October 2013, the “Friedrich Ebert” Foundation (FES) in close cooperation with the “German Association of Industry and Trade” (DIHA) organized at the premises of Hotel Sheraton the National Conference entitled: “Economic Development ◄ Vocational Training ► Welfare in Albania”

The National Conference was attended by 260 representatives of national and international politics, institutions and organizations, representatives of national and international businesses and labour world as well as youth networks which are active in the Albanian society. More ...


Appeal of Good Will
“The Albanian economy needs well skilled employees!”

“Really? – Students of German Language recount the reality of their studies

In the framework of German October, Friedrich Ebert Foundation in cooperation with DAAD, Faculty of Foreign Languages at Tirana University and  “Marubi” Academy of Film and Multimedia held on October 17 at the German Embassy an activity which was attended by students of various faculties and departments.

The event was attended by 150 visitors. The key theme of this activity was to encourage students in dealing actively with various problems they face in universities and the labour market. More ...

Regional Youth Summer Camp “Social Democratic Perspectives: Young people in South East Europe”

On September 10th to 14th the Friedrich-Ebert Foundation Tirana Office organized in Voskopoja, Albania, the first Albanian International Youth Summer Camp on “Social Democratic Perspectives: Young People in South East Europe”, in which over 50 young people from Greece, Montenegro, Macedonia, Kosovo, Serbia and Albania participated.

The aim of this camp was to provide a framework for young people from different countries of the Balkans in which they could learn in an interactive way the main principles of social democracy, discuss regional cooperation between young people, exchange views on social problems, youth unemployment, education, EU projects related to youth, establishing better networks, improve mutual understanding and cultural diversity. More ...

A Facebook page with photos of the activity, articles and opportunities for young people can be seen in the following link:

First work meeting with Youth National Congress’s “Core Group” 

On June 18th 2013, Friedrich Ebert Foundation (FES) and Olof Palme International Center held their first joint meeting in Tirana with “Core Group” of Youth National Congress. Participants discussed and shared their opinions on key issues highlighted in the Youth National Congress and selected two priority matter to work on and address in their following joint work. More ...

Training for journalists on parliamentary elections

"Friedrich Ebert" Foundation in collaboration with the Albanian Media Institute (AMI), organized on March and April 2013 in the framework of the project “Training for Journalists on parliamentary elections” three training courses on reporting on elections, in view of the coming general elections of June 23. Participants included 45 political reporters from print and electronic mainstream media. More ...

First National Youth Congress was a big success

In cooperation with the Olof-Palme-Center (OPC), the FES Office Tirana has invited all known Albanian youth organisations to a joint conference on 5 April. 36 of the 50 invited groups participated with two representatives each. All of them presented their work and informed each other about it with the help of posters. More ...

Study "Albanian Youth" – Between future hopes and present insecurities, was lunched on February 28th in Hotel "Tirana International" premises

Friedrich Ebert Foundation has issued the publication "Albanian youth – between future hopes and present insecurities", a social study based on a national survey, attempting to provide a broad perspective of the ideas, opinions, and perceptions of the Albanian youth about various aspects of the Albanian society. The presentation of the study where accompanied with lively discussions from the participants. The study and its findings, create the necessary space for reflection and awareness of the youth situation in the country. More ...